John Kass, the Chicago Tribune columnist and a diehard Chicago White Sox fan, is dogging Chicago Cubs loyalists by nominating his brother’s pooch, Little Wrigley, to be the Cubbies’ mascot as they near the playoffs.

Previously, I’ve tried to entice Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown to make his mutt a part of I Do, Doggone It!, a Guinness Word Record “mass dog wedding” attempt that the Downtown Oak Park organization is waging.

Brown hasn’t said “no,” but neither has he done backflips over the idea.

But now Kass has opened wide the doghouse door for me to approach him–or, at least, his brother. I Do, Doggone It! already has its “first couple” selected, but who knows, maybe we could designate Wrigley as one-half of the record-clinching 179th canine couple.

Stay tuned as I embark on a dogged doggie-recruitment campaign.

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