“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.”

In other words, don’t get too greedy.

From the standpoint of creating something that is a legitimate, well-rounded piece of news, rather than a wholly self-serving PR piece that may turn off the media, the pigs/hogs axiom certainly applies.

There simply are times when it’s best to share the spotlight rather than try to hog all of it. A current example illustrating that truth is a recently issued Inside Edge PR news release on an event called “Pancakes for Soldiers.”

I learned of it from Pat Liss, the concierge at Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Burr Ridge, and a news release and photo gallery in local media outlets ensued.

Pat Liss: Excellent Story Tipster

Over the last three years, Pat has been a great source of excellent story ideas, often human-interest in nature.

And in this case, Pat was also part of the story, as it turns out. Of course, because Five Seasons is a client–and because it played a key role in supporting the cause–the release included prominent mention of the club.

But it’s not at the exclusion of noting others’ support, from a local Starbucks to another company that donated a propane griddle.

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