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PR Tip: Even When You Don’t Have a Lot, Work With What You’ve Got

Driving past a Berwyn condominium development recently, the banner draped in front of the building made a simple declaration: “New Pricing!” I flashed back to more than four years ago, when a similarly simple phrase was behind a public relations and marketing effort to spark more sales at the development known as Century Station: “work […]

Willingness to be on marketing edge marks legacy of Downtown Oak Park leader

Last week was the last one on the job for Pat Zubak, executive director of Downtown Oak Park. After seven years at the helm of the organization, she is retiring. Her presence will be missed, as Bruce Ingram noted in a story about Zubak’s farewell in last week’s edition of the Oak Leaves, part of […]

Mancini’s Sets Stage for 11-11-11 Event

It’s the 315th day of 2011, though you probably know it more as November 11, 2011 or–even better–as 11-11-11. As an unabashed numbers nut, I’ve had today’s date marked on my mental calendar for many moons now. And months ago, here in Oak Park, I started urging Al Mancini, a longtime friend and owner of Mancini’s […]

A Less-Is-More Creative Gem From Bill Daniel

Providing to your readers, in an economy of words that succinctly get to the single, distilled point or principle that you seek to convey, is infinitely more effective and engaging than droning on endlessly, even if you employ 15-cent words and $1.50 phrases and $15 paragraphs that have each and every punctuation mark—including the oft-used […]

Let The Dogs Bark, The Caravan Moves On!

If you’re a publicist and want to avoid controversy, then there’s a simple formula: take no risks and go to great lengths to avoid offending others. In short, prepare to fail. With any worthwhile pursuit, if you bring enthusiasm and creativity to the task, you will leave yourself open to naysayers, hecklers and all manner […]