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Melissa Stockwell: Paralympian, Prosthetist, Model of Perseverance

Working with Plunkett & Associates over the last six years, one of my most rewarding experiences has been helping tell stories about those served by Scheck & Siress, an orthotic and prosthetic company with a variety of locations throughout the Chicago area. And among those stories has been the developing one about Melissa Stockwell. She is […]

Blog A Vital Cog in Paralympian Coverage

How important are blogs? Sometimes, they can provide essential information and help spur on media coverage. A recent case in point was Chicago Sun-Times reporter Andrew Herrmann’s story on U.S. Paralympian Melissa Stockwell, the first female U.S. amputee in the Iraq War. Over the past nine months, Herrmann wrote two fine stories about Stockwell. The […]