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No, Martha, It’s Not 1977 Anymore: You Are No Longer at the ‘Mainstream’ Media’s Mercy

Sometimes, we need a smack upside the head with a reminder that it’s not 1977 anymore. It’s not even 2002, not by a long shot. For the past 15 years in which I have been plying the public relations trade, I have been banging this particular drum, louder and more insistently: the so-called mainstream media […]

Colleges’ Spiraling Costs Are Out of Line

Mark my words: colleges are the next hallowed institution to get smacked off their undeservedly and ridiculously high pedestal. Don’t get me wrong–I think some aspects of college are absolutely fantastic: I learned much at my alma mater, Northwestern University. I really appreciate, and seek to support at every turn, my alumni network. I met […]

Godin Offers Take On Newspapers’ Future

Evidence of the decline of newspapers–as we now know them, anyway–is all around us, both locally and nationally. Pioneer Press, the chain of weekly newspapers that has been around for more than a century, just shut down a dozen of its papers throughout the Chicago region. Last week, three Pioneer editors I have been in […]

Respect: It’s About (Valuing Others’) Time

It’s been a while since I referred to something written by author-entrepreneur-marketing guru Seth Godin. Well, today it’s about time. Specifically, about respecting others’ time. With all of the communication tools at our disposal, there is little excuse for failing to alert someone when you are running late, or when you need to re-schedule, or […]