PR Icing on the Cake For Tom & Eddie’s Debut

A great, busy week wrapping up for Inside Edge PR, with much of it revolving around Tom & Eddie’s hugely successful Grand Opening on Friday at the Shops on Butterfield at Yorktown Center in Lombard.

For a PR sampling, simply type “Good Taste Guard” into Google and see what pops up first.

As of this moment, it’s a news release┬áthat I wrote on an unorthodox step that Tom & Eddie’s took to secure an extraordinary “cheeseburger cake” created by La Petite Sweet of Westmont in conjunction with the Grand Opening.

You can also see learn more about the making of the cake in this Q & A that I conducted with La Petite Sweet’s Diane Eenigenburg during Tom & Eddie’s VIP Party. (That’s me, in the photo below, standing on Friday in front of Tom & Eddie’s.)

Clearly, not your run-of-the-mill restaurant debut.
Of course, it’s all for naught if the food isn’t any good.

Fortunately, what is plainly evident is that the food is fantastic, from a positive review by the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Vettel to rave remarks on Tom & Eddie’s Facebook Fan Page.

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Growing A Facebook Family With Tom & Eddie’s

One of Inside Edge PR’s favorite clients, Tom & Eddie’s, is ramping up quickly toward its Grand Opening at the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, Ill. on Friday.

The past few weeks, in a complementary role to the outstanding lead work provided by Ginny Richardson Public Relations, one of my primary responsibilities has been posting content and providing updates to the restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page.

An especially fun subplot the past few days has been spurring on comments via contests offering tickets to the Sneak Peek & Eats “soft opening” that began Monday and ends on Wednesday.

For example, in tonight’s contest, we ask Fans to share another Tom & Eddie combination (other than Tom Dentice & Ed Rensi, the restaurant’s co-founders, pictured below with business columnist and media personality Terry Savage).

Over the last three hours, from “Tom Brokaw and Eddie Van Halen” to “Tommy Tutone and Eddie Albert,” there have been more than 15 responses. Meanwhile, the Facebook Fan base grows daily by more than a dozen individuals.

By the way, Sneak Peek & Eats is much more than fostering good will by providing free meals.

Akin to Major League pitchers and catchers being the first to report for Spring Training, it’s a time for the entire restaurant team to begin working out some kinks and get ready for the public opening.

In much the same way, generating a lively, ongoing conversation on Facebook is not some frivolous exercise. Rather, it’s an effective way to build community even as you are responsive to the views of those who choose to join that community.

When individuals feel that their voices are being heard, respected–and rewarded, on occasion–then they are much more likely to suggest their friends join in as well, and to talk favorably about a given brand or business in their day-to-day travels and interactions.

One last note: did you know you could win a weekly free burger meal for life when you come to Tom & Eddie’s during its Grand Opening on Friday? And this prize isn’t too shabby, either: a free weekly burger meal for a year–80 individuals will get that reward.

Check out this GR-PR news release for those and many other details.

Tom & Eddie’s in Crain’s Chicago Business

On the front page of Crain’s Chicago Business this week is this feature story on an exciting new upscale burger restaurant called Tom & Eddie’s. Crain’s also created a video to augment the story.

Since April, Inside Edge PR has been working on behalf of Tom & Eddie’s, which opens at The Shops on Butterfield at the Yorktown Mall in August.

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Put Time on Your Side, Give Media Notice

If you are opening the doors to your new business on a Thursday, it’s a good idea to spread word of it to the media by Wednesday.

Of course, by Wednesday, I mean the one that falls on the calendar at least four weeks before your Grand Opening. Such advance notice gives the media enough reaction time to pencil your enterprise into its coverage plans.

And depending on the specifics and scope of your business, allowing for even more breathing room (such as two months or more) could provide opportunity for multiple pieces of coverage that build your target market’s anticipation of your product or service to a crescendo.

A recent case in point: outreach that I began last week on behalf of Tom & Eddie’s, a new better-burger restaurant opening in August at The Shops on Butterfield at Yorktown Mall in Lombard.