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For the American Mustache Institute: My Take on Aaron Rodgers’ ‘Stache

Last week, after an exhaustive analytical review, an essay that I wrote for the American Mustache Institute, about NFL star Aaron Rodgers’ November mustache, appeared on the esteemed website’s blog. Or, maybe I just made stuff up during a slow day at the office. Either way, you can read about Rodgers’ “Mustache Extraordinary Rating,” and how […]

3 Proven Steps to Building Connections with Chicago-Area Freelance Reporters

Freelance writers and reporters are an often-overlooked segment of the media who represent great potential for publicists who are paying attention. That was the case during my tenure as a freelance reporter for the Chicago Tribune (1999-2005), among other publications, and it’s even more the truth today. For one thing, this is a highly motivated […]

Stretching Comfort Zone Adds Voices, Enriches Stories

Telling stories is a never-ending series of judgment calls. What do we put in? What do we leave out? When do we stop? Where on earth do we begin? Is my deadline really three minutes away? From that long list of self-inquiry, let us focus on one of the most important—and imposing—questions of all: To […]

Cicero Reporting Flashback: Patience, Persistence Pay Off in Pursuit of Story

Who said nice guys finish last? Being nice—cordial, respectful, patient—pays dividends, whether in public relations, marketing or, yes, even journalism. Say, for instance, you are a newspaper reporter getting stonewalled in your efforts to reach someone getting paid $1,000 a month to serve on a town commission that has never met. (In fairness, this commission doesn’t […]

Cook County Land Bank: Returning Vacant Land to Productive Use

By Matt Baron ULI Staff Writer This is a summary of the February 7, 2013 Roundtable of the Metropolitan Planning Council and the ULI Chicago District Council, held at Drinker Biddle in Chicago. The session’s discussion focused on the challenges and potential rewards that are anticipated with the emergence of the Cook County Land Bank. […]

Manti Te’o Deception Exposes Failings of An All-Too-Easily Duped Media

Just so there’s no mistaking things, the words that are italicized below are satirical. There really is no such thing as a “National Liars Association,” at least not to my knowledge. I issue this warning because it seems that so many people–even journalists who are entrusted to be the watchdogs of accuracy and truth–will take so much […]

Headlines Can Be Murder: FOX 32 News Flub Exposes Risk of Fast-Moving Media

Writing headlines is a lot easier said than done. It requires creativity, as long as you don’t get “too creative” and veer into distasteful or otherwise dubious terrain. It demands brevity, but not so succinct that you fail to communicate some gist of the story that follows. And, of course, it ought to be brimming […]

On the Heels of ‘Flight,’ Remembering My Encounter With Real-Life Hero Denny Fitch

Last week, I saw “Flight,” the critically acclaimed movie starring Denzel Washington. He portrays an airline pilot who, although in the throes of addiction, does a remarkable job of landing a severely stricken plane and saving most of those aboard. The film brought to mind Denny Fitch. Excepting the drug-and-alcohol demons that beset Washington’s character, Mr. […]

Introducing the Inside Edge Biography Writing Service

Three years ago, in writing about the importance of writing your business biography, my tone was almost apopleptic as I related the widespread absence of such bios. At the time, I conveyed three big reasons why it behooves you to craft your story: 1. Distinguish yourself from the competition. 2. Develop a deeper connection with […]