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How To Avoid Obama’s `Stupid’ Stumble

What is truth? The phrase, spoken by Pontius Pilate as he tried to sidestep his role in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is one of history’s most infamously cynical utterances. Obviously, there are clear delineations of truth and falsehood. Right and wrong. Wisdom and foolishness. But it’s the mark of a wise individual to know […]

My Two Cents on Humor’s Pivotal PR Role

Last Friday, when I let newspaper editor Helen Karakoudas know that I had a “timely and hilarious” news release coming her way, she immediately gravitated to the “hilarious” half of that promise. “Now you’ve got my interest,” said Karakoudas, managing editor of Wednesday Journal, Inc. I was referring to my effort on behalf of Charo’s […]

Presidency To Test Obama’s PR Realism

President Barack Obama’s inauguration today brings two other dates to mind: Twenty years ago today, I was an intern at the Telegraph & News of Macon, Georgia, helping edit the front page that included news of George H.W. Bush’s inauguration as president. And 20 years before that, I was in diapers as Richard M. Nixon […]

Obama Addresses Emperor Blagojevich

Give President-elect Barack Obama credit a few minute ago for knowing how to address the elephant in the room. At the start of a press conference on the national economy this morning, and mindful that reporters would be quizzing him on the issue, Obama shared some words about Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s scandalous efforts to […]

Chill On The Obama Countdown, Tribune!

Here in Chicago, the countdown is on, ticking down the days before Barack Obama is inaugurated as President of the United States. While I understand and appreciate the excitement, it strikes me as a tad overblown to have the countdown be by the second, as it is on the Trib’s website. Tempering the Tribune’s online […]

An Open Invitation To The Obama Girls

It’s not every day that you invite the President-elect’s daughters to come to a mass dog wedding. But when it comes to a great cause, has a logical link to a pledge that Barack Obama made before the world on Tuesday night, and Sasha and Malia just happen to be in the neighborhood anyway…well, it […]

Hey, Joe The Plumber: It’s Just The Start!

The moment I saw my brother’s text message last night, I suspected that we had the latest media sensation on our hands. “Joe the plumber making waves in debate,” Andy wrote. At first, I thought some guy named Joe had commandeered a microphone at last night’s third and final Presidential Debate and blasted Barack Obama […]

Obama’s PR Problem: Endorsing A Hack

Here in Cook County, the second-largest county in the nation, there is a population of more than 5 million, which exceeds that of 30 states. It’s a hugely significant place, with Chicago at its epicenter and a County Board President by the name of Todd Stroger. In case you’re not familiar with him, Stroger isn’t […]