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For Marketing & Public Relations Strategy, Quality of Questions Helps You Hit Target

The quality of your work is directly related to the quality of questions that you ask–and often, those queries should be targeted squarely at yourself. In developing public relations and marketing strategy for my clients, these questions in the bulls-eye graphic (click to enlarge) are among the first ones that I ask. The Q & […]

Want To Drive Online Traffic? Then Tweet!

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That’s the question that has surfaced with increasing regularity the past few months. In addition to the compelling data about Twitter’s growth, anecdotal indicators abound: in the last week, I’ve seen that my pastor and the National Basketball Association are on Twitter. (I’m following Pastor James, but don’t feel […]

My Two Cents on Humor’s Pivotal PR Role

Last Friday, when I let newspaper editor Helen Karakoudas know that I had a “timely and hilarious” news release coming her way, she immediately gravitated to the “hilarious” half of that promise. “Now you’ve got my interest,” said Karakoudas, managing editor of Wednesday Journal, Inc. I was referring to my effort on behalf of Charo’s […]

Understaffed Newsrooms Drive PR Approach

Over the years, Inside Edge PR clients have occasionally asked why my agency goes to such lengths to provide comprehensive news releases that can (and often do) gain word-for-word placement in respected publications. My response flows from more than 20 years on staff or as an active freelance writer for newspapers and other publications: newsrooms […]