Versatile Pitches Provide Multiple PR Options

Whenever you can offer the media a story suggestion that has versatility–it can be a human interest feature, a health and wellness story, and a business piece, for example–then it provides you with bigger placement potential.

In other words, if a given outlet isn’t interested in the story under Category A, then you still have a chance that it will be deemed a fit for Category B or C.

A recent news release that I developed for Five Seasons Sports Club in Burr Ridge fits this description. I wrote about a corporate wellness program that Five Seasons has launched, with the release detailing the experience that corporate neighbor Turtle Wax, based in Willowbrook, has enjoyed with the club.

You can read the release at as well as see the Triblocal photo gallery I created.

Included in the story is a video of one of Turtle Wax’s employees talking about how the program has helped improve his health. Check out the interview on YouTube here.

Doors Open, Narrow On Healthcare PR

Healthcare is integral to our lives, and over the past few years it’s developed into a significant portion of Inside Edge PR business, with more than a dozen health-and-wellness clients in my A to Z experience.

This afternoon, I had the intriguing, immaculately timed experience of fielding a call from one healthcare provider (who had spoken with me about six months ago) seeking help with marketing and PR strategy, even as another provider–a hot prospect only a few weeks ago–notified me via e-mail that the regretted to report they were cutting back on marketing/PR support.

One door opens wider, another door goes from wide open to ajar.

(I never view doors as being entirely closed, unless I simply would not want to work with a given individual or organization. Um, Emperor Blagojevich, that includes you.)