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A Burgeoning Blog: Scheck It Out!

In this blog-eat-blog world, increasingly I am guiding various clients as they develop an ongoing web presence. Among them is Scheck & Siress, a highly respected orthotic and prosthetic company for which I’m working as a senior associate of Plunkett & Associates, a leading Chicago strategic communications company. To see some recent work I’ve helped […]

Anatomy of A LinkedIn Recommendation

In a recent Inside Edge PR post, I outlined my philosophy of why I write recommendations for as many of my LinkedIn contacts as possible. In this post, I share some of the how.My approach to writing recommendations: 1. I do it whenever I feel I have enough knowledge and interaction with someone to write […]

Peter Shankman, One HARO-ic PR Force

A quick public service/public relations service message today: If you are in the PR business–or even if you’re not–you should know about Peter Shankman. You may recall a previous post in which I credited Shankman with inspiring my idea for the U.S. Department of XS Energy. This year, in particular, Shankman has shown why he […]