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Don’t Just Crank Out More PR: 7 Questions to Identify, Expand & Serve Your Audience

The first newspaper stories that I wrote, 30 years ago, began as actual scrawling that I did in a notebook. After making editing changes, I would then begin typing the copy on an electric typewriter plugged into the wall of my home in the woods on Webster Street. Along the way, I would make some […]

Chicago Pediatric Dentist’s Playful Display Creates Buzz, Bigger Smiles

With a colorful, playful sign out front touting its “little teeth big smiles” motto, Children’s Dentistry of Forest Park has been an eye-catching attraction along Harlem Avenue for years. But the practice’s founder, Dr. Jerry Udelson, isn’t one to rest on any laurels. As a result, the popular pediatric practice (and Inside Edge PR client […]

An Effective Public Relations Strategy: Use Phone to Follow Up E-Mails to Reporters

Last week, PR Secrets From a Media Insider returned with a typically eclectic assortment of attendees: two citizen activists, a healthcare practitioner, a communications specialist, a furniture store owner and a representative of a stained glass studio. Among other points that I emphasized: For many publicists, sending an e-mail often marks the extent of their […]

A hairy turn of events: Entrepreneur magazine features my Blagojevich haircut offer PR stunt

Nearly a week after closing arguments in former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s corruption trial, the jury is still out on whether he is bound for the slammer, a reality TV show, or somewhere in between. But Entrepreneur.com, at least, has weighed in with a verdict on a Blago-inspired PR stunt that Inside Edge PR concocted […]

Publicists Must Anticipate, Address Conflict

I just read an engaging piece (“The Redundant Journalist Guide to PR: Things To Be Considered Before Jumping Careers”) by journalist-turned-publicist Craig McGill. In a humorous, been there-done that address to journalists considering a move to PR, McGill makes plenty of on-target points. As someone who has made the transition, however, I have to differ […]

PR Resolution: Give Media Plenty of Lead Time

If it’s January 2, then that must mean it’s time to start seriously brainstorming some Valentine’s Day story suggestions. Though the romantic holiday may seem way off on the horizon–a full 43 days away–a recent story in Pioneer Press newspapers reaffirms that it’s never too soon to start planting story seeds with the media. In […]