What Are You Waiting For? Communicate Directly to Your Target Audience

About 20 years ago, I decided it would be fun to write a story on waiting in line—the psychology of it, the various ways people experience it, and whatever else flowed from looking into the common phenomenon. To conduct my reporting, I ventured to some of the “usual suspect” waiting spots: a bank, a grocery […]

A Gentle Man’s Life: Remembering Sergio Quiano

They were born outside the United States, made their way to this country many years ago and found a home in Oak Park before dying recently at the age of 77. One is internationally renowned and beloved actor John Mahoney. He died while in hospice care on Sunday, February 4th. The other is Sergio Quiano, […]

‘The Post’: A Timeless, and Most Timely, Message About the Importance of a Free Press

A package in hand, the young woman makes her way into The Washington Post newsroom. She wanders a bit, looks around uncertainly, then fixes her attention on a man who is among the many staffers who are banging away at their typewriters. “Are you someone important?” she asks, interrupting him in the midst of his […]

The PR Power of Going Beyond `Testimonial Providers Anonymous’

Whether you’re a widget salesmen or a world-class motivational speaker, testimonials are central to your persuasive story-telling endeavors. Alas, some otherwise-credible individuals and organizations haven’t taken the time to gather such testimonials, which can go by other names–for Inside Edge PR, I call them Success Stories. Only slightly better are those instances when an organization […]

When Pitching the Media, Keep it Brief

Unless you’ve been on the receiving end of a story pitch, you likely don’t appreciate the urgency of being succinct in those interactions. Having been on the receiving end of such pitches for about 20 years, I can assure you that the goal ought NEVER be selling the reporter, editor or producer on a story–that’s […]

Overcome Weakness in Your LinkedIn Chain: Invest in Others When You Don’t `Need To’

“You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your chain.” That adage came about well before the arrival of social media, obviously. For many, when it comes to LinkedIn, for example, the formula is something like this: 1. Accumulate as many contacts as possible by sending an impersonal, automated request to Link-In. 2. Proceed to […]

In Political PR, Visual & Digestible Trump the Complex and Nuanced

In October 2012, On the heels of their first–and last–Vice Presidential debate, I typed “Joe Biden” and “Paul Ryan” into Google. After each name, Google offered up three words to pair with each individual politician who was on his respective party’s ticket in the U.S. Presidential race. See if you can guess which one had […]

A Tribute to Frank Deford, The Rare Hero Who Exceeded Expectations

When our heroes meet, and even exceed, our naively high expectations, it’s a wonderful thing. In November 1985, as a high school senior in suburban Boston, I had been reading Frank Deford‘s fabulous work at Sports Illustrated for seven years already. No doubt, it played a role in steering me into a journalism career, which […]

We Hear It, We Say It–We Even Believe It–But The `Less is More’ Truism Can Be Lip Service

“Less is more.” We’ve heard it on countless occasions. We may even have said it more than a few times. And it’s so often the perfect counsel, in any variety of situations. But how often do we blow the opportunity to actually practice it? This comes to mind on the heels of the first candidates’ […]