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Show & Tell to Add Value to Your LinkedIn Connections

Social media and networking platforms like LinkedIn are opportunities to demonstrate and deliver—not merely tout—your value. Case in point: though I am hardly a master photographer or photo editor, I have learned a thing or two creating and disseminating thousands of photos for various clients. That experience prompted me recently to offer counsel to a […]

3 Simple Steps to Add Value to Your LinkedIn Connections

What is your reaction when someone you barely know, or don’t know at all, seeks to connect with you on LinkedIn? You may agree to the connection, but it will be a loose link at best, unlikely to generate much benefit to either of you. Keep that in mind as you reflect on whether, or […]

Overcome Weakness in Your LinkedIn Chain: Invest in Others When You Don’t `Need To’

“You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your chain.” That adage came about well before the arrival of social media, obviously. For many, when it comes to LinkedIn, for example, the formula is something like this: 1. Accumulate as many contacts as possible by sending an impersonal, automated request to Link-In. 2. Proceed to […]

A Publicist Looks at 500 (LinkedIn Connections)

I’ve become one of them. I just joined the “500+ Club” on LinkedIn, meaning I am connected to more than 500 individuals. (For the record, as of 3 p.m. today, I’m at 502.) Why have I resisted this milestone? Because in all my communications, I strive for quality, not quantity, and I’ve long associated “500+” […]

Stop the Senseless Cranking Out of LinkedIn Invitations

It takes quite a bit to coax out the cranky side of me. Some sample scenarios: seemingly bright souls who fail to see the humorous relevance of “irregardless” in certain contexts; running across mention of the Red Sox collapse in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series; and getting yet another LinkedIn invitation from someone […]

Connecting With Journalists on LinkedIn & Facebook Starts With `Permission Marketing’

The headline today in Ragan’s PR Daily reads, “Study: LinkedIn top social media site for journalists.” So, at first blush, it might be tempting to fire off that next news release straight through LinkedIn to your target list of media members. And while that may well be the eventual path you take, it behooves you […]

LinkedIn Survey Feature Shows Promise

With each passing day, it seems, something new emerges in the social-media realm. Or, to be more accurate, a new tweak comes to my attention for the first time. Two weeks ago, it was my discovery that you can create surveys on LinkedIn, the professional-networking site. Immediately, I did what I suggest anyone do when […]

The Missing LinkedIn: Personalization

I’ve written about LinkedIn a time or two. Here’s another account, which dates back to two weeks ago, when a woman asked me to connect via LinkedIn. Problem is, I had no idea who she was. Then I did some cursory searching online and discovered that she and I share an alma mater. One would […]

Anatomy of A LinkedIn Recommendation

In a recent Inside Edge PR post, I outlined my philosophy of why I write recommendations for as many of my LinkedIn contacts as possible. In this post, I share some of the how.My approach to writing recommendations: 1. I do it whenever I feel I have enough knowledge and interaction with someone to write […]

My Recommended LinkedIn Route

At this writing, I have 94 connections on LinkedIn, the professional online networking site. But the figure that I’m more focused on is 35. That’s the number of my connections for whom I’ve written recommendations. In my observation, most folks have a recommendation rate of less than 10 percent, some recommend maybe 1 out of […]