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Leadership–Without Being in the Limelight

Last night, the Golden State Warriors capped an impressive comeback–in the game, and in its entire series against the Oklahoma City Thunder–to advance to the NBA Finals. One of the bigger reasons the defending champion Warriors were able to bounce back from a 3-1 series hole: the team’s ability to pass the ball to the […]

Know Why it Pays To Take Your Audience’s Pulse?

Notice this post’s headline? Something I learned long ago: the person in control of the conversation is the one asking questions. As a journalist for many years, going back to my days before I was legally able to drive a motor vehicle, asking questions is something that comes naturally to me. It may not be […]

“Go Figure: Making Numbers Count” Goes Back to School

Last week marked the debut of a website for a longtime, favored client (myself): Go Figure: Making Numbers Count.  I have been specializing in numeracy (mathematical literacy) for nearly two decades–going back to my time as a syndicated columnist (“By the Numbers”) with Copley News Service in the late 1990s. “By the Numbers,” early on, focused on educating […]

When the Going Gets Tough…Stop Keeping Score?

While coaching my daughter’s basketball team a few weekends ago, we ran into a formidable opponent. They were clicking on all cylinders; my girls seemed to be sleepwalking. The upshot wasn’t pretty: early in the third quarter, the rout had climbed to 41-15 and we were well on our way to our third consecutive loss […]

Why & How You Should Always Alert People to Their Typos 

I used to get irritated when I came across typos online. What’s wrong with him? Why can’t she double-check her work? Don’t they realize they’re undermining their credibility? Then, one day, the lightbulb went on: rather than being peeved, I was pleased. Here was an opportunity for me to come to someone’s aid and serve […]

Distractions: The Junk Food of Creativity

Are you a consumer or a creator? It’s a question that I ask myself during those all-too-frequent occasions when I find myself plunging into consumer mode. Make no doubt, there are times to consume—to read the news, to become engrossed in a video clip of David Bowie’s prescient insights on the Internet’s impact on music, […]

Reminiscing About Red Auerbach & Roundball

Now in my fifth year of coaching boys’ and girls’ park district basketball, I came across this video online of the late and legendary Boston Celtics coach (and GM) Red Auerbach. The clip, featuring Larry Bird shooting over teammate Dennis Johnson and rival Ralph Sampson, brought back memories of August 1985 (around the time this video […]

7 Ways That Thought-Leader Pieces With Odd-Numbered Tips Really Have Gotten Out of Hand

If you’re like me, then you are less likely to read something that touts 33 Ways to Tell When Someone Is Going to Ramble on Forever than to sneak a peek at 3 Really Beautiful People You Should Meet. Let’s face it: most of us like three-word phrases that precede a colon. Oh, and really […]

A Dangerous Duo on the Numeracy Front: ‘Too Tidy’ & ‘The Trouble With Double’

Have you heard the story about the guy who went straight to the top, without any setbacks along the way? He enjoyed one triumph after another, each conquered mountain taller than the previous peak. Of course you didn’t hear that story. It’s obviously phony. Life is rarely so neatly navigated, so.tidy. Neither are numbers, and […]

Aroldis Chapman & The Emotional Impact of His Triple-Digit MPH Fastball

Whether it’s the latest surge or decline in prices at the gas pump, realizing that you are running late when you glance at your watch, or any number of everyday moments, numbers have an undeniable impact on our emotions. Last night, at Wrigley Field, the 34,000-plus fans who came out to watch the Chicago Cubs […]