How To Capitalize on Facebook Opening the Door on Personalizing Fan Page Suggestions

Until recently, Facebook had a glaring oversight when it came to Fan Pages: if you wanted to suggest a Fan Page to someone, you were unable to include a personalized note.

But about two weeks ago, there came a welcome change. Now you can jot a note with that suggestion. So the question you may have is should I include a note?

Absolutely–and it ought to go beyond the obvious “Hey, I think you’d like to be a Fan of XYZ Cause or ABC Organization or LMN Business.”

Communicate in terms of what’s in it for the individual to whom you are making the suggestion. Tell him or her why they should become a Fan.

Here are excerpts from a notes that I sent to friends last week:

“…I am helping with the Facebook Fan Page for BHG/Gloor and giving away $10 gift cards weekly when folks submit song names with real estate related titles (such as “Our House” or “Homeward Bound” etc.). Come play!”

“…I am helping promote Five Seasons Burr Ridge’s Facebook Fan Page. Our Fans win prizes, get helpful fitness tips and keep posted on other related news. Come join us!”

“…I am helping with the Facebook Fan Page for McAdam Landscaping. To our Fans, we award gift cards, provide helpful gardening/landscaping tips and generally add value to their FB experience. Want to come join us?”

If you are tempted to get long-winded, you’ll soon find Facebook limits the number of words you can write. So you’ll have to keep your message succinct, which is as it should be, anyhow.

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Finding Creative Win-Wins To Generate Traffic, Inspire Community on Your Facebook Fan Page

Developing and growing Facebook Fan pages is a contact sport.

If you run a business or organization, have you driven a stake in the Facebook ground yet? And if so, what are you doing to give your fan base a reason to keep coming back–and to suggest your page to those in their spheres of influence?

Develop creative ways to spur on interaction with your peeps–and to explore ways to create win-wins with fellow (non-competing) businesses.

Here’s one effort that Inside Edge PR has under way, the Halloween Decoration Declaration contest at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gloor Realty’s Facebook Fan page
The contest will reward three people, including one with a $100 gift certificate at Maya Del Sol, a popular Oak Park restaurant. In addition, the goal is to grow BHG/Gloor Realty’s presence on Facebook and throughout the community.

Psst…you can visit (and become a Fan of) the Inside Edge PR Fan page here.

Teeming With BHG/Gloor Realty Promos, Activity

For the second straight year, Inside Edge PR client Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gloor Realty is holding a clothing drive.

(The photo here is from last year’s initiative, which led to more than 2,000 items being donated.)

This year, the effort launches on Oct. 17 and has been expanded to include toys. If you’re looking to do some fall cleaning–and clearing-out–of articles that remain in good condition, we would appreciate your consideration.

Also, I’ve recently upped activity on the BHG/Gloor Realty Facebook fan page, including a weekly feature dubbed “Tuneful Tuesdays.”

The lifeblood of any Facebook Fan page is interaction and engagement with those fans, and so we’ve offered a modest incentive (a $10 gift certificate to Erik’s Deli, a longtime Oak Park restaurant) to spur on suggestions for future songs with real estate-related names in their titles.

Advertising Benefits From Timely Tie-Ins

Timeliness isn’t only for stories–it’s a key element in advertising, too.

With that in mind, I have been inserting information about upcoming events in print advertising for a client, McAdam Landscaping.

In the pages of Wednesday Journal, Inc. and Pioneer Press publications, early this month it was a Mother’s Day special, last week it was a musical performance held at its Nursery & Garden Center and this week it’s an incentive to become a Facebook Fan of the Forest Park firm (how’s that for some ambitious alliteration).

Want to win a $25 gift certificate from the Nursery & Garden Center? You have until June 1st to get onto Facebook and then type “McAdam Landscaping” into the search box and become a fan.

Or you can simply go directly to the McAdam Landscaping page here.

More importantly, if you advertise in any forum, capitalize on every opportunity to make the content relevant and timely. It’s a great way to engage your audience and move them to action, rather than to settle for making a simple one-way statement that is more prone to go absolutely nowhere.

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Face(book) It: Go Where the Puck Will Be

Whenever I advise people to jump into the social media fray–often in relation to promoting their business or cause–there’s always that look I get in return.

It’s not a deer-in-headlights look, mind you.

No, it’s much more dire than that: this is the patented deer-that’s-already-been-run-over-by-a-Mack Truck-look.

It’s the look of someone who is on the brink of declaring haplessly, “How on Earth do you think I’m ever going to find the time to fit this into my already-overcrowded schedule.”

My response: anyone who is successful, or in the earnest pursuit of success, is full of to-do’s on their list. Cry me a river. I didn’t create Facebook, so don’t blame me for this historic development. Oh, and the train has left the station–do you want to get onboard or not?

The question I then pose is this: do you want to go where the puck increasingly is going to be in the weeks, months and years to come? (That’s an allusion to Wayne Gretzky’s oft-quoted tip on his unparalleled success as a hockey player–he didn’t focus on where the puck was, but on where it was going to be.)

If your target audience, present or future, is spending significant time on Facebook, then it only makes sense to meet them there. Unless, of course, you want to surrender all of that ground to your competitors. That is entirely within your rights, though it’s hardly good for business.

Another tip I share to these Mack-trucked deer: if you’re so leery of losing the best years and decades of your life to Facebook, then set a time limit on your forays.

You can get a ton done in five or 10 minutes, if you stay focused and don’t get sucked into the whirlpool of links and trivia that lie in wait.

(Psst, a little secret between me and you: I’m one of those nefarious types that trains people to provide links and trivia designed to suck in others.)

More social-media pointers in a later post, but for now, here’s a look back at an Inside Edge PR post about the “Five Stages of Facebook Grief.”

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