Facebook Shift to ‘Boost Post’ Inspires Bevy of Tongue-in-Cheek Ideas

Not long ago, I began seeing “Boost Post” instead of “Promote Post” on the various Facebook pages that I administer.

Whether it was the Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs in Northbrook and Burr Ridge, McAdam Landscaping in Forest Park, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, my own Inside Edge PR page, or any of the others, “boost” became an everyday presence in my professional online travels.

At first sight of this semantic shift, I had to chuckle. It’s apparent that Facebook is tinkering with different words or phrases to see if they can boost their success in this realm of revenue creation. Or maybe “promote” is a better word?

As this Inside Facebook post indicates, another term that has popped up for people is “get more reach.” And if there are not any other variations aleady, it is undoubtedly only a matter of time before Facebook tweaks their approach even more.

Having employed words extensively to make a living for more than 25 years, I respect and appreciate what Facebook is striving to do. That’s why in this piece, we will offer a little (tongue-in-cheek) assistance to the not-quite-10-year-old social-media phenomenon.

Let’s have some fun and start by imagining Facebook could tailor its words and phrases based on certain traits of any given individual. Oh, yeah, they already do that in myriad ways, don’t they? But in terms of the whole “boost”/”promote” thing, try these on for size:

For publicists/marketers (gotta poke fun at me and my colleagues first): Spin This Up Good.

For take-charge, big-ego types: Disseminate at Will As You Dominate All Discussion.

For shy, reserved types: Psst…Perhaps Let a Few Others Know?

For the paranoid: They Are All Watching, Waiting & Wondering Why You Haven’t Shared This Yet!

For narcissists: Everyone Deserves to Know What You Have to Say–And To See Your Gorgeous Face Too.

For politicians: It’s Never Too Early to Start Campaigning for Your Next Election.

For Nike fans: Just Share It.

For NSA top-secret information leakers: Go To Hong Kong, Then Spill the Beans.

What are some other categories and accompanying phrases that you would add? Drop me a line at Matt@InsideEdgePR.com and we will add the best suggestions to this post in the future. Of course, we will ‘boost’ your name by including it as credit.

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Social Media Motivation: Let it Be Excellence, Not Merely Checking-the-Box Expectations

Like anything in life, social media should be more than something you do out of obedience or fear. It should be something you engage in to do better, to be better.

If the overriding motivation is because your rivals are doing it, or because others say you should do it, or because you’re afraid of what your clients or peers will think if you don’t do it, then you’ve got it wrong – and that will come across.

On the other (preferred) hand, if you post those Tweets and create that content on Facebook because you want to inform, entertain and engage those you care about – and who care about you – then the caring will only expand.

So don’t chase expectations. Choose excellence.

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Social Media Backlash is Natural: Steps You Can Take Without Having it Take Over Your Life

Anyone else notice an increased level of backlash against social media in general and Facebook specifically?

Yesterday, it was Garry Meier of WGN Radio, who wasn’t so much as trashing it as he was questioning how and why it fits into our media-saturated lives.

This is all a natural (and recurring) response to anything that takes an increasingly prominent place (some might say “invades”) in our lives. And it’s especially prone to happen when we didn’t really see it coming–it just sort of happened incrementally.

We’ve all heard (or are) the stories of people who scoffed at Facebook, checked it out once to see what the fuss was all about…and got hooked within minutes.

Whether you are born again in social media or a social media sourpuss, the below slideshow, which I first created in March 2009, may be a helpful reminder of the simple step-by-step process that you can take in this realm–without having it take over your life.

(Note: this presentation was geared toward an Oak Park, Ill. audience, so the “Pope” you see with the red ticket is David Pope, our village president. A little inside joke there.)

One last thing: it’s still lawful to become a fan of Inside Edge PR.

How To Capitalize on Facebook Opening the Door on Personalizing Fan Page Suggestions

Until recently, Facebook had a glaring oversight when it came to Fan Pages: if you wanted to suggest a Fan Page to someone, you were unable to include a personalized note.

But about two weeks ago, there came a welcome change. Now you can jot a note with that suggestion. So the question you may have is should I include a note?

Absolutely–and it ought to go beyond the obvious “Hey, I think you’d like to be a Fan of XYZ Cause or ABC Organization or LMN Business.”

Communicate in terms of what’s in it for the individual to whom you are making the suggestion. Tell him or her why they should become a Fan.

Here are excerpts from a notes that I sent to friends last week:

“…I am helping with the Facebook Fan Page for BHG/Gloor and giving away $10 gift cards weekly when folks submit song names with real estate related titles (such as “Our House” or “Homeward Bound” etc.). Come play!”

“…I am helping promote Five Seasons Burr Ridge’s Facebook Fan Page. Our Fans win prizes, get helpful fitness tips and keep posted on other related news. Come join us!”

“…I am helping with the Facebook Fan Page for McAdam Landscaping. To our Fans, we award gift cards, provide helpful gardening/landscaping tips and generally add value to their FB experience. Want to come join us?”

If you are tempted to get long-winded, you’ll soon find Facebook limits the number of words you can write. So you’ll have to keep your message succinct, which is as it should be, anyhow.

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Growing A Facebook Family With Tom & Eddie’s

One of Inside Edge PR’s favorite clients, Tom & Eddie’s, is ramping up quickly toward its Grand Opening at the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, Ill. on Friday.

The past few weeks, in a complementary role to the outstanding lead work provided by Ginny Richardson Public Relations, one of my primary responsibilities has been posting content and providing updates to the restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page.

An especially fun subplot the past few days has been spurring on comments via contests offering tickets to the Sneak Peek & Eats “soft opening” that began Monday and ends on Wednesday.

For example, in tonight’s contest, we ask Fans to share another Tom & Eddie combination (other than Tom Dentice & Ed Rensi, the restaurant’s co-founders, pictured below with business columnist and media personality Terry Savage).

Over the last three hours, from “Tom Brokaw and Eddie Van Halen” to “Tommy Tutone and Eddie Albert,” there have been more than 15 responses. Meanwhile, the Facebook Fan base grows daily by more than a dozen individuals.

By the way, Sneak Peek & Eats is much more than fostering good will by providing free meals.

Akin to Major League pitchers and catchers being the first to report for Spring Training, it’s a time for the entire restaurant team to begin working out some kinks and get ready for the public opening.

In much the same way, generating a lively, ongoing conversation on Facebook is not some frivolous exercise. Rather, it’s an effective way to build community even as you are responsive to the views of those who choose to join that community.

When individuals feel that their voices are being heard, respected–and rewarded, on occasion–then they are much more likely to suggest their friends join in as well, and to talk favorably about a given brand or business in their day-to-day travels and interactions.

One last note: did you know you could win a weekly free burger meal for life when you come to Tom & Eddie’s during its Grand Opening on Friday? And this prize isn’t too shabby, either: a free weekly burger meal for a year–80 individuals will get that reward.

Check out this GR-PR news release for those and many other details.