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Make the Call: You’ll Be Amazed By What That Simple Act Can Accomplish

Growing up with a rotary telephone in the home, I thought I had hit the big-time when I moved up to a touch-tone phone in my college dorm room. You mean I can actually hit the re-dial button and not have to burn 11 calories with my right index finger alone? Now, it seems, more […]

An Effective Public Relations Strategy: Use Phone to Follow Up E-Mails to Reporters

Last week, PR Secrets From a Media Insider returned with a typically eclectic assortment of attendees: two citizen activists, a healthcare practitioner, a communications specialist, a furniture store owner and a representative of a stained glass studio. Among other points that I emphasized: For many publicists, sending an e-mail often marks the extent of their […]

Yo, Publicists: Leave Breathlessness to the Media

Think back to the last time you were left panting desperately for air. Maybe you were dashing to catch a plane or were trying to outrun a pursuer—on a playing field or, God forbid, in a more sinister context. Whatever the scenario, it’s fairly safe to say that it was an exception to the rule […]

George Hood’s Guinness World Record in the Plank Propels Post-Event PR Push

It’s been almost a week since he did it, and I’m still stunned by George Hood’s latest Guinness World Record. In a blog post just over two weeks ago, I noted Inside Edge PR’s efforts on George’s behalf, as he was about to make his bid to break the record (50 minutes, 11 seconds) for an […]

Positively Weary Of the Annoyingly Premature Appositive

Over the past few weeks, I have met with a pair of prospective clients. Both are excellent companies, national in scope and doing some outstanding, innovative work that fill major needs in the market. Alas, both have news releases that suffer from the same ailment that beset countless others with white-noise writers at the helm: […]

Connecting With Journalists on LinkedIn & Facebook Starts With `Permission Marketing’

The headline today in Ragan’s PR Daily reads, “Study: LinkedIn top social media site for journalists.” So, at first blush, it might be tempting to fire off that next news release straight through LinkedIn to your target list of media members. And while that may well be the eventual path you take, it behooves you […]

Hurricane Irene: Exploring the Public Relations Perils & Possibilities

Hurricane Irene is making quite a name for herself. Any organization looking to do the same ought to consider how their products or services can dovetail with Irene in a legitimate, winsome manner. This is hazardous PR terrain and going about it clumsily can backfire on you. A triumvirate of “S”-ential points to consider: Be […]

Event-Based PR: The Perils of Putting Your Eggs in Only One Time-and-Place Basket

A few years ago, I offered counsel to a suburban Chicago company that was eager to build a public relations-and-marketing campaign around one big, blowout event in the city. But there was one big, blowout problem, as I saw it then and see it even more clearly today. Without a high-profile celebrity or some other […]

Finding the Media’s Need and Filling It: Tips on Shining a PR Light Amid the Storms

  A J.C. Restoration Large Loss Catastrophe Bus “Give the media what they need, and you will get what you want.” I’ve uttered that so many times to my clients that it’s become a mantra. What the media need: legitimate news. What clients want: to get their name “out there” in the various media outlets. […]