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Biz Publication Includes My Social-Media Tips

Sometimes my work goes in streaks. There have been times when I simultaneously represented four different medical providers–an obstetrician, a neurologist, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. In the past year, I’ve had a fair share of real estate-related work, both as a freelance writer for REALTOR magazine and as a publicist for the irrepressible Roz […]

LinkedIn Survey Feature Shows Promise

With each passing day, it seems, something new emerges in the social-media realm. Or, to be more accurate, a new tweak comes to my attention for the first time. Two weeks ago, it was my discovery that you can create surveys on LinkedIn, the professional-networking site. Immediately, I did what I suggest anyone do when […]

Marching Out On a Social Media Note

It’s been a social-media kind of day here at Inside Edge PR international headquarters. Walked a block down the street to Marion Street Cheese Market, where I shared some pointers on how to navigate on Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, at “Social Networking Sites–Are You Connected?” Shared photos and some text with,as well as […]

Social Media Create New Adoption Options

A recent story on innovative social-media approaches to adopting children is just the latest example of how our world has drastically changed in recent years. I’ve documented numerous examples, in this blog and elsewhere, that underscore how the collective “traditional” media is no longer the sole arbiter of what is newsworthy. (News flash! ANYONE […]

The Missing LinkedIn: Personalization

I’ve written about LinkedIn a time or two. Here’s another account, which dates back to two weeks ago, when a woman asked me to connect via LinkedIn. Problem is, I had no idea who she was. Then I did some cursory searching online and discovered that she and I share an alma mater. One would […]

All A-Twitter Over Social Media

Some things are easier to illustrate by doing than by trying to offer an explanation. Take social media, for instance. Just what is it? Sometimes, it feels like trying to explain where the wind comes from, and where in the world it’s headed. We know it’s all around us, and that it has an impact, […]


We give you the Inside Edge In today’s competitive media environment, efficient and effective communication is crucial. Get in touch “Through Matt Baron’s leadership and insight into how to effectively position a story, Inside Edge identified how we could differentiate ourselves from our peers, and communicated that difference on our website and to the media. […]

Maximize Your Micro-Engagements, Personalize Your Points of Connection

In a world of ever-escalating automation, it takes effort to retain personalization. The effort, I would argue, is well worth it. Take LinkedIn’s relatively new feature of offering prompts like “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” and “Congrats on your work anniversary!” Flowing from our own initiative, all are lovely sentiments, and our moms would be […]

What To Do When Someone Asks to `Pick Your Brain’

Let’s face it. We’re wildly inconsistent human beings.  Many of us like to think that we are reliable and logical in how we address any number of issues and opportunities that arise, but it simply ain’t so. Take, for example, our response to those times when others say they want to “pick our brain,” a […]

“Roadshow” Public Relations: The Five Steps to Telling, Then Re-Telling Your Story

A traveling circus and an informational presentation performed in a variety of locations over a span of time. What do they have in common? Among other things, each represents an excellent opportunity for ongoing public relations. That is largely because they lend themselves to the approach of building a general news release that you can […]